The Academy Awards® 2012 (Behind the Scenes)

The Academy Awards® presentation is one of the most highly anticipated award shows of the year, drawing hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. In 2012, Mill+ contributed the entire graphics package for both Oscars’ broadcast and live theatrical experience. The team was led in Los Angeles by Stephen Venning and design producer Lusia Boryczko, with additional creative muscle from both London and New York, and contributed over 250 deliverables including the logo of Oscar himself.




  • Executive Producer: Stephen Venning
  • Producer: Lusia Boryczko
  • Creative Director: Tom O’Neill 
  • Lead Designers: Gawain Liddiard, Andrew Proctor 
  • Design Team & Animation: Emmett Dzieza, Brian Hayes, Freda Lau, Justin Sucara, Eugene Gauran, Adam Brandon, Earl Burnley 
  • Design Animator: Larry Duenas 
  • Junior Designers: Greg Park, Amy Graham 


  • Editor: James Mortner

Design & VFX

  • Creative Director: Tom O’Neill, Henry Hobson
    Director: Henry Hobson 
    Creative Director: Tom O’Neill 
    Design Animators: Eugene Gauran, Larry Duenas, Earl Burnley