Blondie Tour Graphics ‘Behind The Scenes’

Rock and Roll legend Debbie Harry and her band Blondie teamed up with fellow New Wave pioneers, Devo for their 2012 “Whip It to Shreds” tour. Mill+ joined forces with director/artist Rob Roth to create the dynamic visuals for Blondie’s LED video wall backdrop. The results played on a 40′ Martin LC2140 LED video wall for a variety of songs from the band’s extensive back catalogue and featured imagery from Blondie’s music videos as well as personal archival footage from Chris Stein. Mill NY and LA combined forces to create Roth’s concepts, including a tribute to the infamous New York nightclub Mother, a special nod to Debbie’s friend Andy Warhol, and a “Death Disco Mirrorball” for the encore. Debbie was kind enough to drop by The Mill NY and talk about the tour and the visuals that provided the dazzling backdrop.




  • Director: Rob Roth
  • Head of Design Production: Danielle Amaral
  • Technical Director: Alan McSeveney
  • Producer: Jarrad Vladich, Jess Ambrose


  • Editor: Jessica Ledoux


  • 2D Animation: Tetsuro Mise, Gera Frascaroli, Arthur Hur, Rob Roth, Timothy Haldeen
  • 3D Animation: Christian Nielsen, Arthur Hur, Andrew Proctor, David Hackett, Simon Brown