Cannes Lions Installation “Time”

For Cannes 2011 we wanted to create something new, something different that best demonstrates Mill+ capabilities.

‘Time’ explores and references actual time as a concept over four screens throughout the duration of the Festival. The clock-like elements and graphical representations of time are interwoven with abstract clips and actual clocks where one animation can trigger the next one. Some of the clocks are easily recognisable, others… you’ll need to stare at them for a while!

The time-based aspect of the project creates a grid – clockwork – in which the content will play out. The clock runs over all 4 screens with each panel representing a different aspect of time, dividing it into days, hours, minutes and seconds, centiseconds or milliseconds. We managed to create around 45 uniquely different clock-type-animations with many more in the works.

To learn more about the installation and to see a film of the installation playing out in-situ at Cannes, click here to check out our blog…


  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • Producer: Carl Phillips
  • Creative Director: Carl Addy, Nils Kloth


  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • VFX Producer: Carl Phillips
  • Creative Director: Carl Addy, Nils Kloth
  • 2D Lead Artists: Nils Kloth, Bob Wolf
  • Design & Animation: Bob Wolf, Nils Kloth, Henry Foreman, Dominic Burgess, Ollie Harris, Adam Brandon, Ross Urien, Simon Landrein, Adriano Cirulli, Shaun Leong-Williams, Sam Southward
  • Creative Technologist: Tony Volpe 
  • Technical Director: Tony Volpe, Nils Kloth 
  • Lead Installer: John Quesnell 
  • Production Assists: Hugo Vaughan-Hughes, Oliver Briginshaw