Cif ‘Sleeping Beauty’

The Mill+ team create their first fully CG animated spot for Cif, directed by Jamie Lancaster

This fully CG animated fairy tale spot, narrated by Michael Gambon, shows how Sleeping Beauty retained her beauty and shine with the help of new Cif floor cleaner, leaving her time to make sure she looked perfect for her handsome prince to re-awaken her.

The Mill+ studio designed and created all of the characters and environments to produce a spot with a dark and surreal flavour, starting in a dimly lit tower before finishing in a bright, clean and crisp world. Join head of 3D and lead artist on the job Dave Fleet comments, “the shift in tone was something we worked closely with director Jamie to push throughout. The challenge was to try and capture the mood, yet still create a story that was charming and beautiful.

We paid a great deal of attention to the design and subtle detailing of the characters as well as the delicate curves of the environment. Lighting design was incredibly important. We had to carefully craft the look in each shot to make the most of the very limited colour palette.”

Director Jamie Lancaster added, “the key objective, was to realise the script in a beautiful, magical and charming way – but above all else – it had to be fun.  With this in mind, it was crucial that we inject some personality and character to the Princess and Prince, that we enjoy, and want to see more of in future commercials!  This was achieved with a combination of strong, cinematic-style lighting and camera work.”


  • Agency: DLKW Lowe
  • Producer: Toby Tobias
  • Creative Director: Tony Hardcastle & Steve Meredith
  • Account Director: Charlotte Rodgers

Design & Animation

  • Design & Animation: Mill+
  • Director: Jamie Lancaster
  • Art Department: Melanie Climent, Jimmy Kiddell, Adam Willis, Aurelien Ronceray
  • 3D Lead: Dave Fleet
  • 2D Lead: Hugo Guerra & Anne-Sofie Tholander
  • 2D Artists: Jeanette Eiternes Justin Gros-Desir Juan BrockhausFairy
  • 3D Artists: Fabrice Le Nezet, Alberto Lara, Andreas Greichen, Dan Moller, Yoann Gouraud, Michael Hunault, Martha Carbonell, Arthur Larsen, Benoit Gielly, Adrien Lambert, Jorge Montiel, Chris Hutchinson, Gregory Coelho

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Graham Pryor
  • VFX Producer: Gwenn Hardouin
  • Matte Painting: Jiyoung Lee
  • Colourist: James Bamford