Doritos & Pepsi “Superpowerful Duo”

In a UK first, global super-brands Doritos and Pepsi Max teamed up to bring fans the very latest in digital entertainment with a uniquely interactive online comic book which follows the adventures of two new superheroes, FireFingers and IceFist.

AMV BBDO approached Mill+ to creatively develop and lead this integrated project including an online comic, TVC and print work to create a campaign that had never been seen before. The priority was agreed from the outset that we needed to stay authentic to the comic book world and we needed to create unique characters and tell a compelling story that would excite the audience wherever they are. 

Click here to check out the interactive online comic book experience:




  • Digital Development Director: Andy Orrick
  • Senior Digital PM: Tim Johnson 
  • Creative Director: Rodrigo Sobral 
  • Creative/Art Director/Story: Nick Morland 
  • Creative/Copy Lead/Story: Haydn Kerr 
  • Digital Design Director: Nick Morland 
  • Senior Digital Designer: Dhani Sutanto 
  • Character Design & Concept Artist: Carlos Nieto, Jonathan Vuillemin 
  • Lead Storyboard Artist: Russell Hossain 
  • Illustrator Ink/Color: Reed Bond, Drew Green 
  • Illustrators: Conor Ryan, Adam Willis, Carlos Neito, Arthur Larsen, Sam Taylor, Matt Patridge 
  • 2D and 3D Lead Animators: Jonathan Vuillemin, Nils Kloth, Kwok Fung Lam, Stephen Vuillemin, Dominic Burgess 
  • Tech lead: Tony Volpe 
  • User Experience Architect: Kieran Weir 
  • Senior Flash Animator: Roly Edwards 
  • Flash Animator: Matt Partridge, Linda Kalcov, Bali Engel 
  • AFX Compositor: Klaudia Dragowska 
  • Lead Flash Developer: Jim Boswell 
  • Flash Developer: John Cotterell 
  • Digital Coordinator: Jenny Clifton 


  • Director: Jonathan Vuillemin 
  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson 
  • Producer: Tracey Khan 
  • Design & Animation: Jonathan Vuillemin, Nils Kloth, Kwok Fung Lam, Stephen Vuillemin, Ivo Sousa, Dominic Burgess, Sam Taylor, Nils Kloth, Dominic Burgess 
  • Flash animation: Jonathan Vuillemin, Kwok Fung Lam, Stephen Vuillemin, Ivo Sousa, Sam Taylor 
  • Background Artist : Adam Willis 
  • Colorist: Luke Morrison