MTV “Video Music Awards”

The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) hit screens worldwide, featuring the best in pop music and a fresh new design centered around the beauty of being different. The Mill+ team stepped up to the challenge of delivering the complete show package: onstage screens, score board, stage walls, floor graphics, logo design, branding development, and a full set of nominee broadcast elements. The result explored the concepts of space, time, and place whilst the footage was distressed with a visual “grenade”, contrasting the isolation and disquiet of the photography with a highly stylized digital imperfection.




  • Producer: Lee Buckley
  • Production Manager: Brian Askew 


  • Editor: Gabriel Diaz
  • Edit Assist: Austin Roma

Design & Animation

  • Executive Producer: Stephen Venning
  • Producer: Lusia Boryczko, Jessica Ambros
  • Creative Director: Tom O’Neill
  • Assist: Kyle Moore, Greg Park 
  • Design & Animation: Ed Laag, Justin Sucara, Andrew Marks, Tosh Kodama, Ben Hansford, Chris Burkhalter, Ugo Nonis 
  • Colorist: Greg Reese 
  • Lead Design Artists: Ed Laag, Tosh Kodama, Manija Emran 
  • Designer: Peggy Oei 
  • Design Coordinator: Krissy Estrada