MTV “Rhythm Jerk”

Designed directed by Carl Addy, and finished for both on-air and print, ‘Rhythm Jerk’ shows five bespoke designed ‘pop-up’ toy characters dancing, collapsing and jerking to some amazing, specifically composed dance music. Working with MTV World Design Studio, Carl spent several weeks brainstorming character ideas, with a number of hilarious creations that didn’t quite make the cut and some being signed off only to be replaced with ideas even more ridiculous. In the end it was Metal Dude, Weather Man, Bangle Gal, Bananamana and Sumo who went through to the final film. Once we had decided on which characters should feature, we began work on a ‘previs’ to start timing out the edits and cuts of how the characters would move and dance.




  • Design Director: Carl Addy
  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • Music & Sound Design: Alan Boorman @ Wevie


  • Editor: Daniel Budin, Charlotte Carr

 Design & Animation

  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • VFX Producer: Sophie Hogg
  • Creative Director: Carl Addy
  • 2D Lead Artists: Sam Meisels
  • 3D Lead Artists: Graeme Turnbull, James Spillman
  • 2D Artists: Nils Kloth, Oliver Harris
  • 3D Artists: Ross Urien, Luis Palleres, Jorge Bellot, Gemma Aliaga, Alexandre Allain, Sauce Villas, Arthur Larsen, Wayne Kresil
  • Colorist: Luke Morrison
  • Art Department: Ross Urien