NYSE “Projections”

Mill+ teamed up with with Havas Worldwide to create a live-projection event for 8 different companies listed on the NYSE. We took live-action footage and combined it with CG & design elements to create this NYSE spectacle.





  • Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
  • VFX Producer: Adrienne Winterhalter
  • 2D Lead Artists: Erin Nash
  • 3D Lead Artists: Joji Tsuruga
  • 2D Artists: Keith Sullivan
  • 3D Artists: Tim Kim, Justin Kurtz
  • Content Assistants: Tia Perkins, Adam Carboni

Design & Animation

  • Art Director: Bowe King
  • Designers: Hye Sung Park, Colin Hess, Tim Regan, Aran Quinn