OFFF Skazka

Trippy, amazing, and “how’d they do that?” are a few ways to describe “Skazka,” Mill+ creative director Rama Allen‘s main titles for OFFF St. Petersburg. 

The titles bring to life the process of collaboration through an experimental combination of masterpieces together in one video using motion capture from professional dancers, and watercolor and oils suspensions reactions.

From Rama, “I wanted to create a visual allegory for the creative process through collaboration. The piece is told through the choreography of two beings that discover each other, dance together to create, collide in a moment of conflict, then find their way through the conflict to become even stronger partners once again.” 

The goal was to use ‘traditional’ human input to define much of the animation of the piece. The dancer animations are all from mocap of two dancers the team worked with. The typography is all hand painted and then re-interpreted in 3D. Much of the ‘effects’ and textures are built from experiments shot with various inks and pigments. 

Art Director Chris Palazzo describes the design process: “The roots of the work are in the live liquid-light shows pioneered in the 1960’s. I experimented with different chemical and visual reactions using vials, petrie dishes and eye-droppers. We found some beautifully violent, oozy, primordial combinations. By the end of it I felt like an alchemist or a mad scientist.”

Go ahead… watch it again. You’ll discover something new each time!



Design & Animation

  • Director: Rama Allen
  • Art Director: Christopher Palazzo
  • Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
  • Producer: Jason Bartnett, Tia Perkins
  • Director of Photography: Adam Carboni
  • Soundscapes: Fall On Your Sword
  • Music: Darkness Falls


  • Editing Company: The Mill
  • Editor: Charlotte Carr 


  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
  • Producer: Jason Bartnett
  • Pre-Viz: Navdeep Singh
  • Colorist: Michael Rossiter
  • Coordinator: Georgina Castle


  • Technical Director: Andreas Berner
  • Lead Designer: Yossanun Sangpattharamatee
  • Particle Designer: Gabriel Pulecio 
  • Designers: Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Gabriel Pulecio, Christopher Palazzo, Viraj Ajmeri
  • Typography Design: Christopher Palazzo
  • Animation & Compositing: Gabriel Pulecio, Viraj Ajmeri, Anthony Dodero, Lloyd Alvarez, Dave Rogers, Ashley Tyas, Justin Bakies, York Capistrano, Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Christopher Palazzo
  • Special Thanks: Heather Fullerton, Boo Wong, Eduard Dimasov, Joseph Hodgson