Offf “Main Titles”

This mesmerizing opening title sequence demonstrates the strength of Mill+. Commissioned by OFFF, International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture, you’ll observe 45 names come up throughout the piece to credit the prestigious speaker lineup at the 2010 Festival in Paris. The piece went on to be awarded a Cannes Lions Gold Award in the ‘Design: Graphic Design & Design Crafts’ category.




  • Director: Jeff Stevens


  • Editor: Moss Levenson

Design & Animation

  • Executive Producer: Boo Wong
  • Art Director: Kim Dulaney
  • 3D Lead Artists: Rob Petrie
  • 2D Artists: Emmet Dzieza, Marco Giampolo, Melissa Graff, Bashir Hamid, Lu Lin, Gigi Ng, Doug Purver, Jeff Robins, Gap Yossanun, Tim Haldeen, Brian Sensebe
  • 3D Artists: Tom Bardwell, Ian Brauner, Jeffrey Dates, Tony Juny, Chris Kujawa, Michael Panov, Joshua Merck, Ruben Vanderbroek, James Williams, Stanislav Ilin