UBS  “Substance”

This was just the sort of typographic design project that Mill+ love to get stuck into. The UBS CIO investment process is unprecedented for its rigor, breadth of reach and depth of analysis. Working closely with director Phil Griffin at Radical and the team at Publicis, Mill+ delivered this film to demonstrate UBS’ investment process in an entirely new visual way. This was a really creative brief for the team and both Antar Walker and Nils Kloth worked closely with Phil to design the motion graphics in a way that showed the information in a visually striking way. The challenge was in taking vast amounts of computerized numerical and graphical information and making sure it looked original, clever and dynamic.



Design & VFX 

  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • Producer: Sophie Hogg
  • Shoot Supervisor: Hugo Guerra, Nils Kloth and Leonardo Costa
  • 2D Lead Artists: Hugo Guerra, Leonardo Costa, and Tobey Lindback
  • Colorist: Seamus O’Kane
  • Design & Animation Lead: Nils Kloth and Antar Walker
  • 2D Artists: Martin Karlsson, Gianluca di Marco, Shizuka Fukuda, Georgina Ford, Patrick Altmaier, Greg Howe-Davies
  • Matte Painting: Jiyoung Lee
  • Motion Graphics : Nils Kloth, Antar Walker, Henry Foreman, Ivo Sousa, Jessica Tan, Russell Etheridge, Oliver Harris